Heads will roll!!!

Our new game Heads Will Roll: Super GravBowl is finally available as a free download on the App Store!

What if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry! It will also be available on Android and Windows Phone within a few weeks.

What is Heads Will Roll?

It’s like bowling. With gravity. And skulls. And no in-app purchases.

Heads Will Roll is an arcade-puzzle game that will make your queuing, commuting and lazy evening on the couch with your phone much more enjoyable. Super short levels, immediate fun.

You control a skull on a revenge against the evil creatures that stole its body. Of course, the best way to exact revenge is always to use one’s own skull as a bowling ball.

Tap to throw the skull, rotate your device to control it while it goes down the alley and try to push all the enemies out of the edge. Many other creatures will act as obstacles or help in your quest, comprised of two game modes:

  • Puzzle Mode will get you in a 50-levels long adventure where you have to solve each level in order to progress.
  • In Score Attack you will go through 20 levels trying to get the highest score possible and then compare your score with your friends so you can prove you’re better than them.

Not only games: Bumblebee develops a medical app

The app “La Mia Voce”, developed by Bumblebee Studios for Merck Serono is available now for free download on App Store and Google Play.
“La Mia Voce” is only available in Italy at the moment but it will possibly be released in more languages and countries in the future.
The goal of the application is to help patients with a permanent or temporary speech impairment communicate with medical and paramedical personnel, relatives and friends.

If you live in Italy you can download the app here: Android, iOS

Here are some links to articles from Italian newspapers and websites about the app:
Corriere della Sera

Derat Inc. is out on Windows Phone 7

After months of hard work, Derat Inc. has been finally launched. It’s available now on Windows Phone. It costs 0.99$/Euro and can be bought on WP7 marketplace.

We believe it’s an original nice little game. We began with a small idea for a casual game and the end result is maybe more hardcore than we thought. We like to think of it as an arcade game with the flow of a shooter, and we can’t wait to hear some feedback about it.

So, if you have a Windows Phone, go and buy it. If you don’t… well, the Android version will be coming very, very soon (a week, more or less. Knock wood). The iOS version will take some more time, as we want to make sure we implement everything we think is necessary – achievements, Game Center etc..

Oh, a final note about the Android version: it runs pretty well even on quite old hardware. Yay. We rule.

More on Derat Inc. (plus iOS and Android versions!)

Some news about Derat Inc.

First of all: the trailer.

Then: the development of Derat Inc. goes on. And since developing an entire game in less than six months was too easy, we decided to raise the bar a little bit, by converting it for iOS and Android. The conversion is proceeding fast and smooth (more or less), and our intention is to try and have a simultaneous launch on all platforms. In any case, the iOS and Android versions shouldn’t come out too long after the Windows Phone one, which is scheduled for this summer.

Finally, some more details about Derat Inc. itself. The game is an arcade/puzzle/something based on controlling several small trucks that go around fighting rat infestations in a town. The challenge is in juggling different infestations, moving the trucks in a smart and efficient way and collecting bonuses. The scoring system is designed to work a little bit like the one of a shooter: there is a multiplier activated by performing specific actions and the game rewards skilled players by allowing them to score insane amount of points. Online leaderboards will help the forementioned skilled players to feel good about themselves. Derat Inc. will features 15 levels based on different modes, gameplay variations and visual styles.

Derat Inc Screenshot 1

Derat Inc. features art by Davide Pettani (a kick ass Italian illustrator with a unique and colorful style), music from Alessandro Coronas (whose previous works include indie-sensation Where Is My Heart?), and is developed by Bumblebee Studios (i.e. Ferruccio Cinquemani and Simone Odoardi), the gaming studio that just flaps harder.

Introducing Derat Inc.


Here we go…

Today we would like to introduce our first game: Derat Inc.

Derat Inc. takes place in a town under attack from rat infestations. The player has to direct three cat-trucks to go around the city and clean up the infested buildings. The game requires some serious multitasking skills, a good sense of timing and a pinch of strategy.

There are power-ups and bonuses and special actions to perform. But, at the core, Derat Inc. is a score-based game. A puzzle game with the scoring system of a shooter. A fast-paced blend of genres wrapped in cool and cute graphics. A way to make you feel better than your friends.

Derat Inc. will be out on Windows Phone sometime during summer 2012, and it will be eventually ported to other platforms, hopefully before the end of the year. More info and screenshots soon.